3/31: Fist of Justice creators Mike Imboden and Ed Dukeshire will be at this year's Boston Comic Con. That's right, there'll be a Fist of Justice booth for you to pick up all kinds of FOJ goodies from back issues, new issues, sketch covers, trade paperbacks, shirts, buttons, and prints! See you there!


3/16: Thank you for helping us succeed on our recent Kickstarter! If you supported us and will be at Boston Comic Con, please let us know through our Kickstarter page. We'll save on shipping and give you a little extra for picking it up!

As we develop this site, we'll be adding a shopping cart system so you can order a copy if you're not able to hit any conventions we'll be at. Stay tuned!




2/3: Now's the time to show your support for Fist of Justice if you would like to see new adventures published. We're offering the all-new #6 and a trade paperback collection (for those who missed out on the early adventures).

Head over to Kickstarter because every pledge, every dollar does count. We have until March 16th to raise the funds to print both books. We would love to keep Fist of Justice going on forever but we need your help. Give us a chance and we'll give you great comics!

Please note: the Fist of Justice #6 offered on Kickstarter is exclusive to Kickstarter. The version we'll be selling at comic conventions will be different (only a 24 page comic versus the 40 page comic on Kickstarter).